Wet Ink

Ray Lustig
Current Fellow

Wet Ink is an emerging composer commissions program from Metropolis Ensemble.

Paramount to the Metropolis Ensemble's mission is the fostering the compositional abilities of the next generation of composers. The Wet Ink Emerging Composer Program is an unparalleled opportunity for a young composer to hone her craft; develop relationships with the leading professional musicians of the current generation; have numerous professional performances of her work over the course of a season; gain exposure to the public, music critics, producers, and the music community at large.

The versatile nature of the Metropolis Ensemble means that an emerging composer can exercise her talent in a large variety of genres and styles. Because of the public nature of the Ensemble, there is also the possibility, depending on funding, of having her works recorded and distributed. These recordings can be used in applying for grants, commissions, festivals, or advanced degree programs. Wet Ink gives emerging voices professional exposure rarely enjoyed by young composers and can serve as a unique launching point for a composer's career.

Wet Ink is the second phase of our unique two-year composer mentor and teaching fellowship program. In the first year, the composer selected leads our Youth Works program at PS 11, teaching music composition and creativity to children of elementary school age. Learn more about Youth Works...

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