Zachary Detrick’s Wonderland

September 1, 2010 6:28 am 10 comments

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Eleven-year-old Zachary Detrick might barely stand as tall as a cello, but his imagination soars as high as a New York City skyscraper.

Zachary participated in Youth Works, Metropolis Ensemble’s after-school program at Public School 11 in Manhattan, where elementary students get to explore creativity and self-expression through music composition. He also had the opportunity to collaborate with Metropolis composer fellow Brad Balliett. Over the past year, Brad has helped Zachary prepare his new piece, “Divertimento on a Mad Tea Party,” inspired by the Mad Tea-Party scene from Lewis Carroll’s famous book Alice in Wonderland.

And on June 8, 2010, students at PS 11 were in for a treat, as one of their classmates had a magical world premiere… part of the annual end-of-year Youth Works concert. Metropolis musicians, including conductor Andrew Cyr and special guest narrator Postell Pringle, performed Zachary’s new work to the delight of every student (and teacher) present, complete with its wild storytelling, arithmetic riddles, and sweeping themes.

Brad and Zachary explain the project and their work together on “Divertimento.”

  • BradleyD

    Actually, the first 3:09 of the performance is a completely separate work by composer Ray Lustig. Zachary Detrick’s “Divertimento on a Mad Tea Party” begins at 3:10 into the concert video above.

  • Nannyassis

    Beautiful piece Zachary congratulations!!!I’m keep my eyes on you!

  • Waltschick

    Zachary is a very talented individual! Can’t wait to hear what he composes next. Keep it up!

  • Jasbrown

    It is always a treat to listen to young composers’ work and this was exceptional. What a flurry of fun and mystery. True divertimento! I can’t wait to see what is next.

  • Lindakuriloff

    The wonderful thing a about Zachary’s imagination is its freshness. I’ve not heard anything like this. This composition really paints an elaborate picture in my own head of the tea party and it’s many years since I’ve read “Alice in Wonderland”. Keep it up, Detrick clan! There’s a whole trove yet to discover and I’m just glad I be able to bear witness.

  • Grandma

    As a proud grandparent may I say it has been a treat to see this talent develop. I hope I live long enough to see where it takes him.

  • Calamityjanep

    Zachary, I was finally able to hear your wonderful music tooday (since I need help with my computer). I am so very proud of you. I hope to be in Carnegie Hall when when your music is played there someday.

  • Phillis Gershator

    This was delightful and inspiring. Congratulations!
    Phillis Gershator

  • BradleyD

    We’re all looking forward to the exciting second performance of “Divertimento on a Mad Tea Party” tonight at the Gala!!

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