conrad winsloW:
the perfect nothing catalog release party


Electroacoustic works inspired by postmodern theater and installation art; recorded acoustically, then transformed by Winslow and Roche  

Thursday, November 16

1 Rivington Street / 2nd Floor (Buzzer #1) / New York, NY
7:00pm (doors) / 7:30pm (event)

CDs will be available for purchase.

Tickets: $20 General / $25 with CD
RSVP Required

The Perfect Nothing Catalog, the debut album by Alaska-raised and Brooklyn-based composer Conrad Winslow, comes out November 17 on Innova Recordings. With the dizzying half-hour title work as its centerpiece, it features three instrumental electroacoustic pieces commissioned and recorded by Cadillac Moon Ensemble (flute, violin, cello, and percussion), then transformed by producers Aaron Roche and Winslow. Rounding out the disc is Benediction, a guitar and piano duo for Roche and Winslow.

That is the virtue Cadillac Moon Ensemble brings to new music: for all their effortless accuracy, they imbue their material with humanity
— The Examiner