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New York Times: A Room-Size Painting Becomes a Cello Concerto About Versailles

Timo Andres’ piece, which features the cellist Inbal Segev performing with the Metropolis Ensemble, is based on John Vanderlyn’s “Panoramic View of the Palace and Gardens of Versailles” (1818-19), a massive painting on nearly 2,000 square feet of canvas that requires its own circular gallery in the Met’s American Wing. 

The Guardian: "Home Stretch" Album

“The centrepiece of this latest collection is a perfect example of Andres's playful intelligence and individuality.”

NPR: First Listen: Timo Andres And The Metropolis Ensemble, 'Home Stretch'

This 2008 concerto brims with rhythmic play and crackling energy, but it also dips into intimate interplay between soloist and orchestra — still vibrant, but all the more intense for its closely held energy. The New York-based Metropolis Ensemble, led by conductor Andrew Cyr, provides amiable companionship, as well as a group of devoted kindred spirits in Andres' forward-pressing quest.