In participation with


A festive cocktail event in collaboration with the gallery On Stellar Rays


Featuring the World Premiere of Surge* 

by composer/saxophonist Matthew Evan Taylor
animations by artist JJ PEET

Friday, May 5
On Stellar Rays / 213 Bowery
Performances on the 1/2 hour: 6:00-8:00pm

Free -- RSVP required

Participating members of Metropolis Ensemble:

Jessica Han, flute; Sean Statser, vibraphone; Vasko Dukovski, bass clarinet;
Matthew Evan Taylor, alto saxophone/composer

*2017 Metropolis Ensemble commission

Insistent and defiant music... envelopingly hypnotic..
— Alan Young, Lucid Culture

“I was immediately drawn to the discursive and improvisatory nature of JJ Peet's animations. When we spoke, JJ confirmed that he saw these animations as complete pieces, something I liken to a late Coltrane solo: seemingly chaotic spinning out that solidifies into surprising forms or figures. To capture this spirit, I wrote 'Surge,' a piece that combines guided improvisations that sporadically congeal into through-composed chamber music.”
- Matthew Evan Taylor

We are beyond excited to introduce Matthew Evan Taylor as a new member of the Metropolis community. Over the coming seasons we are looking forward to many new collaborations and commissions.