August 12, 2011 / 7:30pm
Damrosch Park Bandshell / Lincoln Center Plaza NYC

Tan Dun: Martial Arts Trilogy

Lincoln Center Presents Tan Dun, Composer / Conductor
Love. Betrayal. Death. Revenge. Resurrection.

Tan Dun, Composer / Conductor
The Collegiate Chorale, Guest Vocal Ensemble
Ryu Goto, Violin
Sun Jiyi, Piano
Dane Johansen, Cello

On the Program

Tan Dun: Crouching Tiger Concerto
The cello in Crouching Tiger Concerto plays the voice of Llo, who dreams of spiritual transcendence through martial arts. Her dramatic journey of power, sacrifice, and determination is heard throughout the concerto until her final farewell brings her back to water and stone.

Tan Dun: Hero Concerto
The violin of Hero Concerto tells the ancient story of Lin, who sacrificed love to defend her country. She seeks, above all else, revenge and redemption for her people.

Tan Dun: The Banquet Concerto
In The Banquet Concerto, the voice of Empress Ano is represented by the piano. Ano sacrifices love in pursuit of power, and the piano is heard along with the voices of her people.

The Performers

Jeremiah Duarte Bills
Andrew Rehrig
Lance Suzuki (Solo)

Meredith Hite
Carl Oswald

Carlos Cordeiro
Nick Gallas
Bill Kalinkos

Benjamin Baer
Adrian Morejon
David Richmond

Jacquelyn Adams
Rachel Drehmann
Danielle Kuhlmann
Alana Vegter

Tom Boulton
Katie Miller
Paul Murphy

Jack Chou
Jonathan Greenberg
Richard Harris

Ibanda Ruhumbika

Sean Connors
Haruka Fujii
Britton Matthews
Luke Rinderknecht
Sean Statser

Bridget Kibbey (solo)

Angelia Chou
Owen Dalby
Joanna Frankel
Sheryl Hwangbo
John Irrera
Stephanie Jeong / Concertmaster
Marta Krechkovsky
Miho Saegusa
Emily Smith
Elly Suh
Emma Sutton

Maurycy Banazek
Brenton Caldwell
Phil Kramp
Andy Lin

Ashley Bathgate
Michael Hass
Saeunn Thorsteinsdottir

Logan Coale

Double Bass
Rachel Calin

About the Concert

Lincoln Center Out of Doors Festival presents The Martial Arts Trilogy: three concertos based on the films Crouching Tiger, Hidden DragonThe Banquet; and Hero. Each film focus on themes of sacrifice, desire, transcendence, revenge, and power.

World-renowned composer/conductor Tan Dun conducts Metropolis Ensemble and The Collegiate Chorale in his scores for three critically-acclaimed martial arts films that combine the ancient tradition of Chinese martial arts philosophy with the visual arts. The evening will include stunning large-screen highlights from the films, live martial arts demonstrations, and special guest appearances.

Presented in association with the Re Foundation and the Chinese American Arts Council. This event is a production of Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts, Parnassus Productions, Metropolis Ensemble, and Collegiate Chorale.

Photos by Kevin Yatarola.

Martial Arts Trilogy