March 22, 2015 / 6pm
Le Poisson Rouge / 158 Bleecker Street NYC

New Dances of the League of David

Metropolis Ensemble's latest Resident Artist Series project at Le Poisson Rouge

David Kaplan, Piano
Andrew Cyr, Artistic Director

The Composers:
Samuel Carl Adams
Timo Andres
Marcos Balter
Martin Bresnick
Caleb Burhans
Michael Brown
Mark Carlson
Mohammed Fairouz
Ryan Francis
Michael Gandolfi
Ted Hearne
Gabriel Kahane
Hannah Lash
Andrew Norman
Caroline Shaw
Augusta Read Thomas
Robert Schumann

On the Program

1. Michael James Gandolfi: Mirrors and Sidesteps
2. Schumann/Ted Hearne: Tänze (with a sense of urgency)
3. Schumann: ii. Innig
4. Schumann: iii. Mit Humor
5. Martin Bresnick: Bundists (Robert, Gyorgy and me) Etwas ungeduldig
6. Schumann/Michael Brown: iv. Ungeduldig
7. Samuel Carl Adams: II Quietly
8. Schumann: v. Einfach
9. Schumann/Gabriel Kahane: No. 6 Sehr rasch und in sich hinein
10. Schumann/Timo Andres: David Project
11. Ryan Francis: Reminiscence (Delicate, wandering)
12. Schumann: viii. Frisch
13. Schumann: ix. Lefhaft
14. Hannah Lash: Liebesbrief an Schumann (zart und singend)
15. Mohammed Fairouz: Kaplanbundlerstanz
16. Schumann/Mark Carlson: for David Kaplan Sehr rasch
17. Schumann: xi. Einfach
18. Caroline Shaw: XVI (mit gutem Humor, un poco lol ma con serioso vibes)
19. Marcos Balter: to David Kaplan
20. Schumann: xii. Mit Humor
21. Schumann: xiii. Wild und lustig
22. Schumann: xiv. Zart und singend
23. Augusta Read Thomas: Morse Code Fantasy – Hommage to Robert Schumann
24. Caleb Burhans: Leid mit Mut (Molto Rubato)
25. Schumann: xv. Frisch
26. Schumann: xvi. Mit gutem Humor
27. Schumann/Adams: XVII (Quietly, from Afar)
28. Schumann: xviii. Nicht schnell

About the Concert

Join us for the New York Premiere of New Dances of the League of David, featuring pianist David Kaplan performing Schumann's Davidsbündlertänze together with "Interruptions and Interludes" by composers, including Samuel Carl Adams, Timo Andres, Marcos Balter, Martin Bresnick, Caleb Burhans, Michael Brown, Mark Carlson, Mohammed Fairouz, Ryan Francis, Michael Gandolfi, Ted Hearne, Gabriel Kahane, Hannah Lash, Andrew Norman, Caroline Shaw, and Augusta Read Thomas. New Dances of the League of David, developed by pianist David Kaplan in collaboration with Metropolis Ensemble, is the fourth project in this series. This concert will be "in the round," with the piano placed par terre in the center of the hall.

This is a commissioning project with Lyrica Chamber Music and the Metropolis Ensemble. Artwork contributed by New Yorker cartoonist Liana Finck. Audio excerpts of New Dances of the League of David were recorded on October 23, 2014 at Yamaha Artist Services by Jessica Slaven.