Spiritual America

A collection of songs exploring secular spirituality, composed by 
William Brittelle

Featuring special guests:
Metropolis Ensemble
Arone Dyer (Buke and Gase)
Andy Stack (Wye Oak)
Sam Amidon

Sunday, September 15, 2019
as part of Sounds from a Safe Harbour Festival
CIT Cork School of Music / Union Quay / Cork, Ireland
2:00pm show
Tickets: €12

In May 2019, North Carolina-born, Brooklyn-based composer William Brittelle released a stunning genre-fluid electro-acoustic song cycle: Spiritual America, which will see its live European premiere featuring a host of special guests, at CIT Cork School of Music, as part of Sounds from a Safe Harbour festival, this September.

Mary Hickson, Festival Director, first heard Spiritual America in March of this year. “It literally stopped me in my tracks, I have never heard anything like it.  It made me feel an energy I haven’t had with music in a while, it felt strangely familiar in so many ways but was drawn in and swallowed up by its completely new sound.  This is something altogether different and thrilling, and I just knew then and there I had to share Brittelle’s vision for music with Cork. I connected with it in a deeply powerful and emotional way - being devastated and uplifted in equal measure. I am so excited and grateful to have the opportunity to present it to the Sounds from a Safe Harbour audience.”

Spiritual America, a cycle of seven songs, is the soundtrack to an emotional journey Brittelle undertook to reconcile his youth in a conservative Christian North Carolina household with his adult life as an “agnostic Buddhist” living in Brooklyn, and to address his questions about the nature of faith. David Hajdu of the Nation praised Spiritual America for its “utter fearlessness” and “quirky beauty” and Brittelle himself for producing “silo-bombing music that is at once free-ranging, formally adventurous, unconventionally beautiful, and a joyful thrill to experience.

Witness Brittelle’s Spiritual America at Sounds from a Safe Harbour alongside the Grammy-nominated New York City–based contemporary chamber orchestra Metropolis Ensemble, drummer-percussionist Andy Stack of American rock duo Wye Oak, Arone Dyer of experimental pop act Buke and Gase, and American Folk artist Sam Amidon.  For this performance in Cork Brittelle has created a revised chamber-based reimagining of the record complete with newly developed material.