February 16, 2006 / 8pm
Angel Orensanz Center / 172 Norfolk Street NYC

Voices of Night

Metropolis Ensemble presents its debut concert

Elizabeth Kieronski, English Horn
Travis Heath, Trumpet
Alexander Gusev, French Horn
Daniel Neer, Tenor
Marty Ehrlich, Alto Saxophone
Mark Helias, Bass
Michael Sarin, Drums
Andrew Cyr, Artistic Director / Conductor
David Schiff, Composer

On the Program

Aaron Copland: Quiet City 
featuring Elizabeth Kieronski and Travis Heath

Benjamin Britten: Serenade
featuring Daniel Neer and Alexander Gusev

David Schiff: Singing in the Dark
featuring Marty Ehrlich, Mark Helias, and Michael Sarin — New York premiere


Cyrus Beroukhim
Rebecca Cherry
Jennifer Choi
Omar Guey
Sarah Kapustin, Concertmaster
Erin Keefe
Stephen Miahky
Emily Ondracek
Arnaud Sussmann
Beth Weisser
Liza Zurlinden

Rebecca Albers
Entela Barci
Eric Nowlin

Robert Burkhart
Amir Eldan
Michal Korman

Annie Stevens

About the Concert

For its sold-out debut concert, Metropolis Ensemble featured saxophonist Marty Ehrlich, "one of the premiere melodicists of his generation," (New York Times) in the New York premiere of David Schiff's Singing in the Dark.

Singing in the Dark, the centerpiece of the concert, is an "enthralling work" whose "music moves from a soulful incantation to a rhythmic dance, back to an even slower meditation based on fragments from the Jewish Day of Atonement services, to a song obliquely inspired by Duke Ellington" (David Stabler, The Oregonian). Schiff's music "suggests a Fourth Streamapproach, in which jazz crosses the line into postmodern, non-jazz compositional processes." (Downbeat) In collaboration with Artistic Director Andrew Cyr for this performance by the Metropolis Ensemble, Schiff has re-scored the work for string orchestra, upright bass, and rhythm section. The bass and percussion parts, like solo alto saxophone, combine composed and improvised passages woven into more traditional writing for strings.

Wine reception sponsored by Trentadue Winery.

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