Elliot Cole: 

I couldn’t really work with music the way I thought about music until I learned to code. It was so exciting — I felt like I could think clearly for the first time.
— Elliot Cole, composer

Tuesday, May 23, 2017
1 Rivington Street / 2nd Floor (Buzzer #1) / New York, NY
6:00pm (doors) / 6:30pm (event)
Tickets: $10 General / $5 Student

Wine reception to follow
Sponsored by Miro Cellars,
with special thanks to Mikhail Iliev.

For five years Elliot Cole has been developing Bloom, a music practice and software tool based in deep listening, chance, and pattern.  His related compositions range from virtuosic guitar music to haunting bowed vibraphone quartets, and are some of his most popular, garnering over 300 performances in 20 countries.  

Metropolis Ensemble presents them together for the first time, illuminating their shared roots in Bloom

Elliot is also devoted to amateur and communal music-making, and will lead a group sing with the audience.

Elliot Cole is ‘a charismatic contemporary bard.’
— New York Times