March 8, 2011 / 6:30pm
Riverpark / 450 East 29th Street NYC

Inaugural Benefit

Honoring our Founding Visionaries

Kati Agócs, Composer
Yu-Hui Chang, Composer
Music From China, Ensemble
Andrew Cyr, Artistic Director
Sean Lee, Violin
Lance Suzuki, Flute
Bridget Kibbey, Harp
Doug Balliett, Bass
Britton Matthews, Percussion
Luke Rinderknecht, Percussion
Sean Statser, Percussion
Conor Hanick, Piano
Melissa Fogarty, Soprano
Joélle Harvey, Soprano
Nell Snaidas, Soprano

On the Program

6:30pm — Reception & Dinner
Experience "Cocktails & Composing" a real-time composing system using iPhones; loops and rhythyms composed by Jakub Ciupinski

8:30pm — Performances & After-Party

Divertimento on a Mad Tea Party by Zachary Detrick (b.1999) 
Zachary Detrick is a 6th grade student and composing prodigy who was discovered and mentored in Metropolis Ensemble's Youthworks program 

Cadenza from Violin Concerto by Vivian Fung 
A new commission featuring Kristin Lee, solo violin, to be premiered by Metropolis Ensemble in 2011 

Excerpt from Mandolin Concerto by Avner Dorman 
Featuring Grammy nominee Avi Avital, for which Mr. Avital, Metropolis Ensemble, and Artistic Director / Conductor Andrew Cyr received a 2010 Grammy nomination 

About the Event

Join Metropolis Ensemble at Riverpark, Tom Colicchio's newest restaurant for our Inaugural Benefit, as we honor our Founding Visionaries. The evening includes cocktail reception, dinner, performances and an auction featuring unique travel and priceless cultural experiences. Festive / cocktail attire requested.

Founding Visionaries

We are so grateful to the following individuals and organizations who provided critical support at Metropolis Ensemble's inception. Their generosity and vision laid the foundation for our current and future success

Armistead Booker 
Britton Matthews 
Arienne Orozco 
Nils van Otterloo 
Glenn Schoenfeld 
Friedemann Thomma 
Brandon Ziegler

Elisabeth Bell Avery 
Crosswicks Foundation & The Jones Family 
Lillian and Jack Davidson 
Mikhail Iliev 
Edward Jones 
Jill and Steve Lampe 
Penny and Claudio Pincus 
Allyson and Trip Samson 
Edward Sien 
Rose-Marie van Otterloo 
The van Otterloo Family Foundation 
June Wu


Heather Flow
Peter Knell
Candice Madey
Jennifer Salomon 
Mali Sananikone Gaw
Satya Twena
Jeffrey Zurofsky

Ksenija Belsey
Amy Chen
Nick Cohn
Akarin Gaw
Umi Hashitsume
David Hsia
Benjamin Lillie
Lily Lim 
Mateo Paiva
Renata Parras
Johanna Roman
Paul Sa
Andrew Schorr
Jonathan Schorr
Francine Wolterbeek

Timo Andres
Avi Avital
Brad Balliett
Jakub Ciupinski 
Zachary Detrick
Vivian Fung
Bridget Kibbey
Kristin Lee


Inaugural Benefit