April 12, 2011 / 6:30pm talk / 7:30pm concert
Symphony Space / 2537 Broadway NYC

Three City Dash

Presented by Meet the Composer Studio
Six Composers, Three Cities, Six Ensembles, Three NYC Venues

Kati Agócs, Composer
Yu-Hui Chang, Composer
Music From China, Ensemble
Andrew Cyr, Artistic Director
Sean Lee, Violin
Lance Suzuki, Flute
Bridget Kibbey, Harp
Doug Balliett, Bass
Britton Matthews, Percussion
Luke Rinderknecht, Percussion
Sean Statser, Percussion
Conor Hanick, Piano
Melissa Fogarty, Soprano
Joélle Harvey, Soprano
Nell Snaidas, Soprano

On the Program

Kati Agócs: Vessel
for chamber orchestra — world premiere

Kati Agócs: Awakening Galatea
for soprano, harp, and flute

Kati Agócs: Division of Heaven and Earth
for solo piano

About the Concert

Metropolis Ensemble performs new music by Boston-based rising star composer Kati Agócs. Three City Dash is a one-time only festival presented by Meet The Composer. In April 2011, three concerts at three different venues in New York City will feature world premieres by six composers from three different cities. Each work will be performed by one of the ensembles that Meet The Composer supports.

Metropolis will premiere Vessel by Kati Agócs in the context of several other works by Kati for similar instrumentation: Awakening Galatea and Division of Heaven and Earth. Also on the program, the ensemble Music From China will present Pu Songling's Bizarre Tales by Yu-Hui Chang, who has written primarily for Western instruments in the past, and now is experimenting more fully with Chinese instruments.