October 2014
Concord, NH / Portland, ME / Lewiston, ME

Brownstone II

Metropolis Ensemble Northeast Concert Installation Tour

Kristin Lee, Violin
Karen Kim, Violin
Annaliesa Place, Violin
Ashley Bathgate, Cello
Lance Suzuki, Flute
Nick Masterson, Oboe
Brad Balliett, Electric Bassoon
Britton Matthews, Percussion
Sean Statser, Percussion
Mélanie Genin, Harp
Jakub Ciupinski, Composer / Theremins
Andrew Cyr, Conductor

About the Concert

What would a house sound like if it could sing? Join Metropolis Ensemble and Artistic Director Andrew Cyr for a one-of-a-kind concert-event. Brownstone II is a site-specific electro-acoustic composition/installation by Jakub Ciupinski and will be performed throughout an entire home.

Musicians will be scattered throughout all floors while audience members freely wander, explore, and chose their own experience of the piece. An electronic soundscape will fill halls and stairways creating a rhythmic and colorful sonic tapestry, blending with the various instruments in different ways depending on your location. 

Wine and hors d'oeuvres will be served throughout the evening, with many opportunities to interact with Metropolis Ensemble artists and other audience members. Brownstone II promises to be a musical experience like no other.

The source material for the electronic music layer will be derived from the BBC Nature Sound Effects Library provided by Pro Sound Effects. There are no synthesizers or other samples, only original recorded animal sounds, transformed into music by pitch shifting, time stretching, and other audio effects.